House decoration construction process 7 steps in house renovation

Home renovation is a very important thing for many owners. However, for those owners who first renovated their houses, they are not very familiar with the construction process of the house renovation and do not know the correct steps for house decoration. Then, what is the process of home improvement construction ? Here's a brief introduction to the 7 steps of housing renovation.

Home decoration construction process: pre-design

The preliminary design mainly refers to the measurement of each area of ​​the room. To clarify the area involved in the renovation process, especially the tiling area, wall paint area, wallpaper area, floor area. At the same time, the main wall dimensions must also be clarified, and in particular, the dimensions of the wall surface on which the furniture will be placed need to be designed.

House decoration construction process: main body demolition

The demolition of the main body is the first one to be put on the project. It mainly includes the demolition of walls, walls, shovels, removal of heat, replacement of steel windows, and so on. When the main body is dismantled and reformed, it is to put the framework of the construction site first.

Housing renovation construction process: hydropower reform

The transformation of the water circuit and the modification of the main body are actually complementary to each other, because we must reserve space for the hydropower pipeline when we modify the structure. In the hydropower transformation, the potential must be reserved a bit more. After the completion of the hydropower reform, the bathroom should be waterproofed. The kitchen generally does not need to be waterproof.

House decoration construction process: woodworking, oil workers, bricklayers approach

Carpenters, bricklayers, and oil workers are the "three brothers" in the construction process. The basic order of appearance is: wood-tile-oil. The basic appearance principle is - who is dirty and who is the first. The main tasks of woodworking are woodwork facing, modeling, ceiling cover panels, door and window covers, wall panels, kitchen utensils, entrances, gypsum board ceilings, and bathroom heaters. The tasks of the bricklayers are the leveling of the interior wall and floor, the pasting of the door stone, the tiling, and the installation of the floor drain. Oil painters are wall paint brushes, wallpaper pastes, paste walls, top paper (cloth), soft decoration and so on.

Housing renovation construction process: kitchen and toilet ceiling

The next step is the kitchen and bathroom, the current aluminum buckle plate material ceiling used more, with anti-oil pollution, light weight, water resistance, non-vacuum, anti-corrosion, easy scrub, easy installation, three-dimensional sense of strong, many advantages, Well received by consumers.

Home Improvement Construction Process: Installation Project

Installation works include factory-manufactured wooden doors (sets), floors, cabinets, door locks, door stoppers, sanitary ware and hardware fittings, hoods, water heaters, and exhaust fans.

House decoration construction process: total acceptance

Finally, the decorated room is cleaned and cleaned. Acceptance is carried out according to the contract requirements. If rectification is required, coordination will be conducted.

Article Summary: The above is about the housing decoration construction process related to the introduction, hoping to give everyone in the renovation of the house to provide some help, let everyone understand the correct steps of housing renovation. If there are other needs, please pay attention to Qijia Information.

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