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58th Session of the International Milan furniture exhibition center will be held April 9 to 14 at the International Exhibition in Milan. This year's Milan International Furniture Fair will not only focus on the core area of ​​Milan's urban area, but will also focus on consolidating the industry's innovative capabilities and continuing to provide excellent design for global users.

On April 12, the first press conference of the 2019 Milan International Furniture Fair was held in Milan, attracting hundreds of world-renowned media, top brands and internationally renowned design masters. The following highlights will be presented at the exhibition site, let us take a look first!

Tribute to genius

To commemorate Leonardo da Vinci, the term "genius" was added to the declaration issued by Milan International Furniture Fair last year. It is both the DNA of the exhibition and a tribute to the master.

Claudio Luti, Chairman of Milan International Furniture Fair, said: " We review the keywords of the declaration again, aiming to refocus on the values ​​that will help make the exhibition a benchmark appointment in the international design field. Therefore, Milan Furniture Fair introduces a new word, it is' 'Genius', in Other words, talent is the trigger of creativity, the meaning of talent, and the unique ability to create and think. "

AQUA concept map

Milan International Furniture Fair will also commemorate Da Vinci's talent and his research on water with a highly infectious installation AQUA. At the Conca dell'Incoronata canal sluice in the center of Milan, in which AQUA. Leonardo's Vision tells Renaissance and Milan's future fragments, as well as some traceability and unique charm.

AQUA renderings

In addition, in the main venue (Hall 22), Milan Furniture Fair will also have a special event-DE-SIGN. The Italian Design Art Exhibition Project around the Leonardo era (DE-SIGN. The art of Italian design before and after Leonardo) to show Leonardo da Vinci's artistic talent for design and its interrelation with contemporary Italian design.

Classics, design and more luxury

The Milan International Furniture Fair and the International Decoration Exhibition are divided into the following categories: classics, design and luxury products, and luxury products are larger than any previous exhibition, and will enter the 4th exhibition for the first time. Exhibition.

Lighting design and the return of office furniture

Milan International Furniture Fair 2019 will be held together with the biennial European Lighting International Exhibition (Euroluce), the International Office Furniture Exhibition Working Environment Biennale (Workplace3.0) and the satellite exhibition (SaloneSatellit). This makes the exhibition an independent exhibition space from the beginning, a super exhibition project focusing on product design and interior decoration and technical solutions.

The first independent exhibition S.Project

S.Project will debut as part of the Milan International Furniture Fair, displaying interior space decoration and technical solutions in a new independent exhibition space. Multi-sectoral focus is a distinctive feature of S.Project. As a flowing space, it displays a large number of goods: from indoor and outdoor furniture, to health products, textiles, lighting, acoustic solutions, coverings and finishes.

S.Project is not only an exhibition, but also an opportunity to reflect on new perspectives. It is these new perspectives that enable the company to collaborate more and more “in synergy”. S.Project will serve as a new B2B platform to support alliances between retailers, designers and companies, providing it with an inclusive experience and the ultimate network environment. S.Project is not only an ideal place to show manufacturing quality and excellence, but also an ideal place to show new ideas and innovative solutions in the design space.

Satellite show

In the past 21 years, SaloneSatellite has cultivated a generation of creative young people. This year, 550 young talents will become the protagonists of the 22nd SaloneSatellite. The theme of this year's exhibition is "FOOD AS A DESIGN OBJECT".

As before, the prestigious selection committee composed of celebrities from the world's design, planning and communication fields, under the auspices of the satellite show founder and planner Marva Griffin Wilshire, has browsed and followed many new designers The works on display will be the new design forces that are most worth seeing after strict selection.

Design Sonata

Teatro alla Scala

In order to further emphasize and stabilize the connection with the city of Milan, in a spirit of more openness to the exchange and dissemination of ideas, culture and creativity, Milan International Furniture Fair has signed a three-year agreement with the Fondazione Teatro alla Scala Foundation, The agreement will continue until 2021, and to celebrate the 60th anniversary of the establishment of the exhibition.

Teatro alla Scala

This year, the Milan International Furniture Fair will host a wonderful concert for the first time: Milan Teatro alla Scala music director Riccardo Chailly will conduct the music composition Ouverture da Semiramide e Guglielmo Tell di Gioachino Rossini composed by Modest Mussorgski and curated by Maurice Ravel .

Riccardo Chailly

Milan International Furniture Fair

April 9-14, 2019

@Milan International Exhibition Center

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